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Manhole bubble bag wholesale

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Manhole bubble bag wholesale

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  • Release Date: 2017/05/22
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Detailed introduction

沙井气泡袋 Product Name: Manhole Bubble Bag

Material: PE environmental protection material

Size: can be customized

Unit price: interview

Thickness: can be customized

Delivery: 2-3 days urgent delivery

发是一家私营有限责任公司.公司设有气泡袋, 气泡卷气泡膜胶袋防静电袋珍珠棉 ,拉伸膜, 封箱胶带等部门,公司位于石岩第二工业区第7栋,面积3000多平方米,员工50余人...公司拥有一批经验丰富的专业技术人员和管理人员, 为客户免费提供各类产品的包装设计及出样,保证产品质量,致力于提升客户产品的附加值,为客户提供优质的外包装,我们的宗旨:“诚信经营,真诚服务”如果您有产品包装相关的需求请打我们的热线13902310595(微信) Qianghuixin Bubble Bag Wholesale is a private limited liability company. The company has bubble bag, bubble roll , bubble film , plastic bag , anti-static bag , pearl cotton , stretch film, sealing tape and other departments. The company is located in Shiyan The 7th building of the second industrial area, with an area of more than 3,000 square meters, has more than 50 employees ... The company has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel and management personnel, which provides customers with free packaging design and sample of various products to ensure products Quality, committed to enhancing the added value of customers' products, and providing customers with high-quality packaging, our purpose: "integrity management, sincere service" If you have product-related requirements, please call our hotline 13902310595

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