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Sales of pearl cotton

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Sales of pearl cotton

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  • Release Date: 2017/03/28
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Detailed introduction

Product Name: Laminated Pearl Cotton

具有反射热和光双重效应的绝热材料优异的阻隔性能,可用于包装香味食品礼品包装、装璜、高档标签、过塑、电子等领域。 Film-coated pearl cotton has excellent barrier properties of heat-reflective materials with dual effects of reflected heat and light, and can be used in the packaging of flavored food, gift packaging, decoration, high-end labels, overmolding, and electronics. Application area Insulation materials with dual effects of reflected heat and light. Used for pipe insulation, refrigerating, and used as roof insulation and waterproofing membranes □ Travel mats, beach mats, camping moisture-proof mats, etc. , Electronic products, precision instruments and office equipment packaging.

Other series products include: plastic-coated aluminized film, melon seed pouch plastic paper, beverage packaging paper / plastic / aluminum composite materials, medical packaging paper, plastic-coated nonwoven fabric, plastic-coated woven fabric, etc

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