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Our advantage

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    Brand, strong strength

    Shenzhen Guanjin Industrial Co., Ltd. introduces complete sets of equipment such as bubble bag film cutting machine, bag making machine, and feeder with international advanced level. The company has an annual output capacity of more than 3 million tons, and its products are exported to domestic, Southeast Asian, European and American countries and regions. Member unit of Shenzhen Packaging Association. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

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    Professional team is the guarantee of service

    We have 8 years of film blowing master, first-class professional service and high-efficiency e-commerce team. 产品的原材料都是师傅精心挑选,每一个包装袋子都是我们包装的经典之作。 The raw materials of each product are carefully selected by the master, and each packaging bag is a classic of our packaging.

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    Strict control of raw materials and production links to ensure product quality

    The production is strictly in accordance with the production process, from the inspection of raw materials to the finished product, and the product quality is strictly controlled. The product has better brightness without wrinkles, peeling, and instability, which makes the product beautiful and more durable.



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    Raw material inspection multiple quality inspection reports

    Guanjin, all products have passed the SGS test and are in compliance with (RoHS) international environmental standards. 力求精益求精,旨在让每一分包装都能安全送达客户手中。 During the 13 years of continuous exploration and efforts, the introduction of international cutting-edge technology and equipment, and strive to keep improving, with the aim of allowing every package to be safely delivered to customers.

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    High parity

    Set scientific research, production, sales, and service in one, the product is more cost-effective than its peers.



about us
Making products with craftsmanship and making enterprises with production management


Shenzhen Guanjin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Guanjin Industrial Co., Ltd. has a team of professional management elites with a group of high-quality talents in research and development, production, quality management, marketing, etc .: The company has strong strength, advanced equipment, complete analysis and testing equipment, and has more than ten years of packaging. The packaging industry's production management experience and professional knowledge accumulation have made "Guanjin Industry" a reliable partner for new and old friends in the industry since its establishment. The company's products include bubble bags, bubble rolls, pearl bags, pearl cotton rolls, plastic bags, stretch films and other packaging materials. Products are widely used in hardware, plastics, toys, crafts, electronics, clothing, accessories, materials, chemicals, textiles and other fields. We can design and produce various types of packaging bags according to customer requirements.

The company's existing plant covers an area of nearly 7,000 square meters. The existing equipment: 15 film blowing machines, 22 bag cutting machines, and 50 workers. These equipment can make various industrial packaging for you, one-stop production to reduce production Cost, exquisite packaging is the icing on the cake of your product!

"Talent is the wealth of an enterprise" Only with an excellent talent team can the company develop rapidly and steadily. The upper layers of the company attach great importance to the discovery and cultivation of talents, and pay attention to knowledge, not only age, but also development, regardless of seniority, performance, and status Employment Principles [View More]

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